LG G Flex the first smart phone in the world comes with a curved battery

smart phone,LG G Flex,LGLG G Flex the first smart phone in the world comes with a curved battery

Several weeks ago , LG has confirmed that it had succeeded in developing a curved battery , and now we know the first smart phone in the world will have the honor of carrying this new type of batteries. As expected , it was announced on Monday morning from the phone LG G Flex curved - screen , and the latter is the first smartphone in the world who owns a curved battery , which reduces the dead space within the body of the phone because of the battery follow the deflection device.

It should be noted that LG Chem made ​​recently applied for a patent for the technology stacking , folding , or what is known as Stack & Fold, which is based a great job in reducing the pressure on the components of the battery as it helps to molded battery cells to the desired shape. At the same time, the Korean company has been able to maintain the stability of the high - performance battery. Even with its unconventional form , can be battery LG curved and located inside the phone LG G Flex to store energy with a capacity of 3500mAh.
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